Portland St. Patrick Fall Festival

The Year of the COVID 19 Virus

The 60th Annual Fall Festival Will Have a Different Look

Because of the virus, much will be different this year.

  • The date has changed
  • The dinner format will be different
  • There will be no Arts and Crafts Show, Kid Fest, 5K Run, or Euchre Tournament
  • The raffle is totally redesigned and the prizes are tripled!

The Date---will actually be TWO dates

November 8, 2020---Fall Festival Dinner

November 15, 2020---Fall Festival Raffle

The Fall Festival Dinner will take place on Sunday, November 8, from 11:00 - 2:00, and will be take-out only.  You can purchase your dinners online  and choose your own pick up time.  If you need help with online purchase or would like to place your order over the phone, please call Jill Scheurer at 517-944-4725.

Cost is $10 each and your dinner will contain:

  • 2 Meats
  • Potatoes
  • Vegetable
  • Dessert
The Fall Festival Raffle will be held on November 15, at 2:00 p.m.  The raffle has been totally redesigned and simplified---it is now the Big Bucks Raffle, and the prizes have been tripled!  You can buy a ticket for $100 with prizes of:
  • First prize: $5000 cash
  • Second prize: $1000 cash
  • 3rd-6th prizes:  Your choice of $500 cash or 1/4 of beef (includes cutting and wrapping)
  • Buy your ticket online, or from any Shamrock athlete

Watch this website and St. Patrick School Facebook page for promotions that will increase your chances of winning!   Raffle License #R59042

Buy Dinners and Raffle Tickets Online

Please visit our online site to purchase and schedule your take out meals and to buy your raffle tickets.

Why it is important to support the Fall Festival

The Fall Festival supports the Shamrock athletic program, which is funded entirely by the Athletic Association.  The past year has not been kind to the group, who saw their rainy-day fund disappear because of large unexpected expenses.  The Shamrock Auction, which is traditionally held in April, was cancelled due to the virus, and along with it, the hopes of replenishing the coffers.

Now, with fall sports being limited, expected revenues from admissions and concessions have vanished.  All in all, the Athletic Association is in dire need of funds to support the Shamrock teams.

Please consider buying one or more tickets for the Big Bucks Raffle, and order dinners for your family.  If you would like to make a separate donation to the Athletic Association, please click on the button below.

Thank you from the Shamrock athletes, coaches, and fans.


 Jill Scheurer, Chair 
  (517) 944-4725 

Kelly Cassel, Raffle
(517) 290-6011


122 West Street
Portland, MI

Special Offers:


Ticket specials right now are buy 1 ticket at regular price ($100), get $10 off a second ticket. Or, buy five tickets and get a 6th ticket free!

All tickets purchased before October 1 will be put into a special drawing---to get a free ticket!  Better hurry!

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