Portland St. Patrick Fall Festival

November 7, 2021

About the Fall Festival

St. Patrick’s Parish has been holding dinners in the autumn, since  as far back as the 1930's.  However, when the Athletic Association took over the fall dinner in 1960, it became the event that we know today.  

Parents of athletes cook the meal, and also organize and staff all of the events.  The Shamrock athletes themselves are always on hand to help serve food, clear tables, assist with children’s games etc.

Each year several hundred meals are served, and several hundred people begin their Christmas shopping with handmade items from the craft booths. Bringing people from all over the area into Portland for the day, is indeed, much more than just a church dinner.  It's an event that you don't want to miss!  

Where the money goes

St. Pat's athletic program is completely self-supporting; no school or parish money is used to fund any Shamrock sports.  We have also avoided pay-to-play.

Instead, the Athletic Association, with the assistance of parents and other supporters raises every penny of the budget each year.  And, just like your household budget, costs go up every year.

The current athletic budget runs over $150,000.  This covers salaries, officials, equipment, supplies, uniforms, bus expenses.....and everything else that goes along with fielding 20+ athletic teams and one Quiz Bowl team.  Income from the Fall Festival covers a portion of those expenses.

For more information about the Athletic Association, please visit the school website and click on Parents > Athletic Association.