Portland St. Patrick Fall Festival

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Thank You!

The day was gorgeous, as good as they get in Michigan in October.  It was the perfect day for Fall Festival and hundreds of people attended the 2017 Fall Festival and contributed to its success.

Thank you to:

  • Carol Gunderman, General Chairperson
  • Jill Scheurer, who will be taking over for Carol next year
  • All of the chairs of the other areas of the Fall Festival
  • The parents and other adults who worked or furnished breads/desserts/cookies
  • The students who signed up to work in the cafeteria, at Kidfest or anywhere else
  • The athletes who brought cookies for the Cookie Booth
  • The Arts & Crafts vendors who brought their amazing array of goods to our show
  • The PTO who handled Kidfest again this year
  • Everyone who attended the event...to eat, to buy raffle tickets, to shop at the Arts & Crafts show...or just to socialize

Be sure to mark your calendars for next year's event, which will be held on October 14, 2018!


The Grand Prize Winner in the Golden Raffle was Mary Ann Goodman  who won $1008.17.

Money Raffle Winners:    

  • $500 Kellie, Kyle, and Ryan Lay   
  • $500 Connie Mallek Fedewa   
  • $500 Mary Cook
  • $100 James Lansdell    
  • $100 Mike Bonter
  • $100 Heather Wilcox
  • $100 John Bonter   
  • $100 Joe Cook
  • $100 Rachel Miros   
  • $100 Keith Cook